Free APP for the Valleys

A website and an app to visit the area.
A new APP and a website to visit the area of the most beatifull Valleys:

 Valle Brembana, Val Brembilla, Val Taleggio and Valsassina.
The  App "Vallinfamiglia" gives users the ability to view historical and artistic sites of interest and 
the nature trails, as well as an updated list of shops, restaurants and hotels nearby.
The app is a real personal guide because thanks to the geo-location of all the POI you know in 
real time its position and with the "take me" function is active the navigator to reach the landmark. 
All contents once downloaded are accessible in offline mode ie in the absence of an internet connection

With the APP can then organize their trip according to their preference, with both single-issue programs 
dedicated to the history or nature, is visiting distinctly different common admiring all the attractions they have to offer.

But the contents are also available on site divided by valley and searchable 
by categories of interest. Also on the site, like the app, all the events that take place on the territory are routinely
updated in collaboration with Bergamo Events.

The APP is a free download from Google Play Store and Apple Store.



For informations visit: