Soldiers’ Museum

In 2002, after an agreement with the town council, the Zogno Alpini unit lead by Luigi Garofano renovated the building and left its old rented headquarters for a new more spacious and modern building. The unit decided to put the very important military collections in its warehouse on public display in a specially fitted out room and called it Museo dell’Alpino (although at the outset this might have seemed something of an over statement).

Over time, thanks to the work of a great many people, the executive board and its secretary Renato Gherardi and much research the museum was enlarged with new material much of which related to the whole army not just the Alpini. A few months later the museum was re-named the Soldiers’ Museum.

“It’s certainly not for us to say”, explained, “but a lot of compliments have been paid to the museum and it has been recognised as a museum to all intents and purposes now by both the town council and the province. We think it is a very important initiative and the only one of its kind, an example for the whole of Bergamo province.

The material here is very varied ranging from weaponry and uniforms to hats and medals, photographs and letters from the front. The jewels in our crown are the war cross for military valour certificates awarded to our veterans in many different wars”. The museum now also has a library of more than 300 books of military accounts, photo collections, war diaries and so on. They are all available to those interested.


Free entry on appointment
Mr. Renato Gherardi cell. 347.0303760)

Phone: 0345/92221

Email: zogno.bergamo@ana

from the 22nd of July 2018 the  Musem  is in a new plant in an old  railway station in via Piave, 2 – Ambria disctrict of Zogno