There are many attractive places which bring times past to life in Zogno’s three ethno-cultural museums. The aromas and flavours of times gone by are all around you in the town’s streets and historic contrada.



  • The Valley Museum: The museum is located inside a seventeenth century palazzo which was once owned by cardinal Furietti’s family. It contains a great many catalogued items with 2500 objects exhibited in twelve themed rooms. (continue)
  • The San Lorenzo Museum: This specifically religious museum was set up in 1985 in the former Giudicatura building which was bought by the parish in 1963 for its sacred furnishings. (continue)
  • Soldiers’ Museum: In 2002, after an agreement with the town council, the Zogno Alpini unit lead by Luigi Garofano renovated the building and left its old rented headquarters for a new more spacious and modern building. (continue)