Grotte delle Meraviglie

Esplored for the first time in 1932 by the Speleology Group headed by Ermenegildo Zanchi, these were the first tourist caves in Italy (1939).

grotte_delle_meraviglie_01The Grotte delle Meraviglie cave complex is relatively limited in size but of considerable interest for an understanding of the geological processes leading to the formation of such caves and for the karstic phenomena that they contain in such significant quantities.
A complex of ancient tunnels in irregular circular shapes come out into magnificent grottoes.
The most spectacular of these is the Labrinto (Büs de la Marta) cave which consists of a large cave with an extremely high vault embellished with a huge range of limestone decorations. Stalagmites of various sizes meet stalactites half way making up a series of columns.
This extremely interesting and appropriately lit cave makes a visit a pleasant and stimulating experience. Management of the site has been the task of the Grotte delle Meraviglie speleology group for some years now and the group is responsible for ongoing study in the caves and regulates behaviour and visits to the caves.


Sunday 12th and 26th
Sunday 9th and 30th
Sunday 6th

Entry to groups of 8 people only with shifts on reservation at tel. 366-4541598 evening hours. Present yourself with a mask and gloves to comply with the anti-covid19 protocol.

Entry from 2.30 to 5.00 pm

For group or school bookings call 366‐4541598 (in the evening)

Sportswear and non-slip shoes are recommended.

The temperature inside the caves is 12°C.

Length of visit 45 minutes.

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