Zogno, a town in the valley with a number of well-populated hamlets, has a landscape to visit and explore, an area to experience… and the karstic Grotte delle Meraviglie cave complex.


grotte_delle_meraviglie_01Esplored for the first time in 1932 by the Speleology Group headed by Ermenegildo Zanchi, these were the first tourist caves in Italy (1939).

The Grotte delle Meraviglie cave complex is relatively limited in size but of considerable interest for an understanding of the geological processes leading to the formation of such caves and for the karstic phenomena that they contain in such significant quantities. (continue)


Bird-snare towers are one of the most attractive and characteristic features of the Brembana valley landscape.
First built in the Middle Ages to add an extra source of food to the area’s agricultural subsistence economy, they constitute an important chapter in the Brembana valley’s spontaneous architecture and rural culture. Used for bird hunting they are the result of the synergy between a historic passion for hunting – very widespread in our towns – an in-depth knowledge of birds and sophisticated forest management techniques which are a feature of mountain communities. Many towers have now been abandoned and are in ruins but many dozens more have survived and their profiles stand out on ridges and hills along the routes taken by migratory birds. The towers are all positioned high up with wide-open views in an eastwards direction above all so that flocks of birds approaching could be quickly spotted. (continue)