Poscante ‐ Canto Alto ‐ Canto Basso ‐ Poscante (on foot).

escursione_a_piediStarting from the Poscante square car park (408 m, next to the elementary school) follow the road in the direction of the Giovanni Battista parish church. About one hundred metres past the covered church forecourt the route joins an old mule track in the direction of the characteristic contrada set deep in the green north face of Canto Alto. The route passes through the Paradiso, Braga, Altemarie (Stamargè), Ripa, Cà Lores and lastly Parpaet contrada (680 m.) in this order. In the vicinity of the last building in Parpaet contrada, climb the steps to its fountain and join a steep footpath leading to Clì and Predal contradas. Once you have passed the beautiful bird-snare tower in Clì the route is less steep and around 300 metres further on it starts circuiting the mountain gently as far as Possogno stream. Once you get to the stream the footpath starts climbing steeply to the meadows called Colle di Sant’Anna (1006 m). After Canto Alto you can descend to Canto Basso (901 m) and a few metres before the tall hedge which divides the ridge in two turn left to return to Poscante.


Zogno ‐ S. Antonio Abbandonato ‐ Dossena (by bicycle).


escursione_in_biciThe town is the heart of the Brembana valley and Zogno is the largest town in it, at the beginning of a south to north valley.

As you can see the routes are marked in three different colours so that you can find the variant that suits you and your family best. The turquoise route is all on the cycle track and suitable for those who prefer an unchallenging route with just a couple of brief climbs where you can also get off and push if you prefer or if you have a bicycle without gears.

More athletic members of the family or fitter cyclists can, on the other hand, opt for the climb to Dossena and descend to San Giovanni Bianco before joining the cycle track again.

For the enthusiastic or ultra athletic who are looking for an even greater challenge there is also one more option. Once you get back to Zogno, with its large children’s play and entertainment area, you can set out on the challenging climb to Sant’Antonio Abbandonato.