What to see

Zogno is the small economic and administrative hub of the Brembana valley and also the most populous town in the valley.
It is around 18 km from Bergamo and borders on plains flanked by the Brembo river.
Before getting to the town from the plains you pass the Grotte delle Meraviglie on your left, a veritable tourist treasure trove with caves covered with stalagmites and stalactites.
Zogno’s historic centre is well maintained and packed with narrow streets and small squares with ancient buildings and shops. The Valley Museum is definitely worth a visit with its collections of objects testifying to the development of the valley’s civilisation over the centuries.

Zogno has also produced figures of considerable eminence such as the great dialect poet Pietro Ruggeri da Stabello and the honourable Bortolo Belotti, the renowned historian who wrote the monumental Storia di Bergamo e dei Bergamaschi. San Lorenzo parish church, packed with paintings of great artistic value, is also worth visiting. The Convento di Romacolo (XV century) is also important.

Zogno’s cuisine is also famous with restaurants and trattorias serving local dishes from the Bergamasque tradition.

Zogno’s town festival takes place in August (San Lorenzo).

Zogno town is the main town of the lower valley and was already well known in the 17th century for its textile industry and making paper from rags. Along the river, to the left of the state road, you can still make out a number of loggias once used for drying paper as well as early twentieth century weaving mills while the town’s religious centre is to the right of the state road on its hilly slopes.

The Valley Museum is located in a small square to the right of the road crossing in a small 16th century building and contains objects which illustrate the arts, trades and popular traditions of the area and an archaeological section (local Eneolithic tomb acoutrements)


There are many attractive places which bring times past to life in Zogno’s three ethno-cultural museums. The aromas and flavours of times gone by are all around you in the town’s streets and historic contrada.




Zogno, a town in the valley with a number of well-populated hamlets, has a landscape to visit and explore, an area to experience… and the karstic Grotte delle Meraviglie cave complex.




It offers visitors a wealth of tourist attractions, a natural environment with gentle hills and mountains for attractive and straightforward walking and a cycle track.